About the NGO

Formed in the year 2015 by Sunil Chindalia who decided to finance and support genuine grassroots initiatives targeted at providing education to underprivileged children and healthcare to pregnant women and old people.

On the other hand also providing technical skills for the men and woman to earn.

Vision and Mission

Smt. Krishna Charitable Trust promotes and catalyses primary education among underprivileged children. Creates the process to embrace these children into mainstream in a sustained manner. Facilitates them to emerge as productive assets, and set the foundation for nation building.

Communication Objectives

To reach out to 1000 beneficiaries over a span of one years by entering into partnerships with suitable organizations and hence emerging as a truly National Developmental agency. The initiative from

Smt. Krishna Charitable Trust aims at reaching out to the most deserving children in special circumstances through relief or advocacy.

Communication challenges

Creating awareness about its mission and objectives as well as creating a mark for itself amongst the many other NGO’s has been one of the challenges for Smt. Krishna Charitable Trust apart from recruiting people to support and generating funds. Also, the biggest challenges so far have been lack of access to technology in remote project areas.